Charles Bonner, a long-time civil rights attorney,

Charles Bonner has been a renowned Civil Rights Attorney for many years, handling cases all over the United States. He was born in Selma, Alabama and, as a teenager, actively and extensively participated in the American Civil Rights struggle, at great personal risk.
Mr. Bonner now works and resides in Sausalito, CA.
In addition to running his busy law practice, Mr. Bonner has been a self-reliant entrepreneur for the past forty years, with real estate ventures, as a restaurateur, and with various entertainment ventures. He is the author of a ground-breaking novel, The Bracelet: The Story to End Child Sex Slavery in the WorldCurrently he is working on his new book, The Tip of the Arrow, a memoir of his deep involvement with the Civil Rights Movement.
Mr. Bonner lived in Tanzania from August 1971 until November 1972. 
Having obtained a Certificate of Fluency from the Tanzanian Government, he fluently speaks Kiswahili, the official language of Tanzania and dominant language in East Africa. His daughter Bahati (Kiswahili for Fortunate) was born in the thriving port city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The United Republic of Tanzania was the natural choice for this venture.

Adam Cabral Bonner is the law partner of Charles Bonner in the father and son Law Offices of Bonner & Bonner located in Sausalito, CA.

Born on the Stanford University Campus and residing in Oakland, Ca, Cabral Bonner holds two degrees from Stanford University, including his law degree. He and his father, Charles Bonner, are law partners in the Law Offices of Bonner & Bonner. A. Cabral holds two degrees from Stanford University, including his law degree. He and his father, Charles Bonner, were delegates to the United Nations Conference against Racism in 2001, held in Durban South Africa, where he observed first-hand the dire need for alternative clean energy to elevate the living standard of the people of Africa from poverty to prosperity. He has a keen appreciation that BGCF can be a substantial factor in this effort by providing solar energy to Africa and has studied solar energy extensively. 

Ilse Wolf was born and raised in Germany and completed studies at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

She immigrated to the United States as a young woman and lives in Marin County, California.
Ms. Wolf has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools and organizations due to her business acumen and her ability to coordinate and manage diverse interest groups. She has initiated reading programs in schools and trained and mentored volunteers.

Ms. Wolf is also a published author. Ms. Wolf, as the independent business manager for several plastic surgeons’ offices, spent many years running their offices profitably and efficiently. She is accustomed to running and growing major businesses.
As Chairperson and CFO of two major international solar energy provision companies, she draws on previous business and fund raising experience. She combines knowledge of her subject, respect for diverse people and cultures, and the ability to speak several languages, including some Kiswahili, with her business acumen.


Mr. Shemdoe obtained his Advanced Diploma in International Business from The Institute of Information Technology, Greenwich University of Manchester, Tanzania Branch.
Mr. Shemdoe has focused his attention on helping the people of Tanzania since he was 15 years old, growing up in rural Tanga, a small town 4 hours north of Dar es Salaam. He met Mr. Bonner in 2007 during one of Mr. Bonner’s visits to Tanzania, and their many conversations about the urgent needs in Tanzania led to the plan of delivering solar electricity to the people who live away from the grid in rural Tanzania. Over 90% of the people living in rural areas have no access to electricity and no meaningful sustainable in Mr. Shemdoe, Mr. Apson, Mr. Bonner and Ms. Wolf created Bonergies Globa Charitable Fund, an NGO, to address the lack of electric power for people in rural Tanzania and the difference it will make in the progress of the Tanzanian people. 


Mr. Apson comes from a family of retired government officials in Dar es Salaam, developing his knowledge of the urgency of helping the rural population advance into the modern world. He graduated from Howard University in Washington D.C., with a B.A. degree in Business and Computer Science.

Mr. Apson operates a television station and recording studio in Dar es Salaam. Mr. Apson is also a Founding Member of Bonergies Global Charitable Fund.
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